Cedar Silicon is committed to satisfy any demand for custom software development whether is is for POS terminals, PC Systems, Web-based systems or modern cutting edge Smart Phones – we can do it all! If you don’t see what you were looking for on this page – contact us to discuss!

Product Analysis and Design:
• Design Product tailored to unique customer requirements
• Optimize the BOM cost, increase performance
• POS Terminals, PIN pads, customer facing devices, unattended terminals
• PCI Compliance
• Regulatory Compliance
• Wireless Carriers Testing and Certifications
• OEM partnerships

Software development services:
• Multi-Platform Solutions – we make your application cross-platform compatible allowing you to maximize your ROI and increase simplify maintenance and support.
• Custom Software Development in Payment Card Industry supporting all communication options – dial and IP (Ethernet, GPRS, CDMA 1xRTT)
• Development of the Value-Added Systems and Solutions for any category of merchants
• Integrations of POS Terminals with the 3rd party back-end systems
• Full certification cycle for the newly developed software and service releases

Analytical and IT consulting services:
• IT infrastructure analysis and improvement
• PCI PED, PCI DSS, PCI PA-DSS compliance

Deployment and Field Support:
• Pre-shipping preparations
• Merchant upgrade assistance
• Remote software downloads and solutions lifecycle management
• Technical documentation
• Training
• Troubleshooting

POS Target Platforms:
Our team have a successful track record working on a wide range of embedded hardware platforms running under control of proprietary RTOS or Embedded Linux.
• VeriFone Verix
• ExaDigm Linux
• Gemalto Linux
• PAX RTOS, Linux
• Xingoudu Linux
• DemoCo Linux

Successful Projects:
• Mobile Payments
• Retail/Restaurant/MOTO/Lodging/Healthcare/Lodging
• Credit/Debit/EBT
• Check Verification/Conversion/Guarantee
• Gift/Loyalty
• NURIT Protocols (all US and Canadian payment processors)
• ECR integration with POS terminals
• Age Verification
• Peripheral Device Integration (Contactless, RFID, Check Readers)
• PIN pad software/firmware
• Hardware Abstraction Layer Libraries
• EMV Kernel integration
• Encryption Key Loading
• Terminal Management Systems
• Private Label, Stored Value
• Petroleum
• Transportation
• Etc.