DessertPay Payment Solution

DessertPay is a cost-effective mobile semi-integrated payment acceptance solution for Android
payment platform.
DessertPay runs on a family of secure and powerful Android based card acceptance mobile
• Saturn 1000F
• Saturn 1000E
• Saturn 7000
DessertPay is certified directly on First Data Rapid Connect and WorldPay payment platforms. No
gateway fees! Additional integrations are under way.
It enables safe and secure real-time card-present payment processing wherever there is access
to Internet via 4G LTE or Wi-Fi. DessertPay runs on PCI PTS 5.x secure hardware and is backed by
Payment Processors’ P2PE security option, putting third-party POS system out of scope for PCI
DSS compliance.
Contact and Contactless EMV chip cards, Magnetic stripe cards are supported as well as mobile
wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
At present time, available exclusively on secure Android payment terminal platform. Support for
generic Android and iOS is under way.


DessertPay was designed by the Cedar Silicon Payment Software Development team of Payment
Card Industry experts who accumulated reach experience in design and development of payment
solutions for North-American and other International Markets.
The feature set of DessertPay leaves no room for a compromise. We realize that a gap in
functionality or capability may lead to a competitive weakness when time comes for production
use. Each customer will be treated with exclusive set of options tailored to their ultimate business
needs. Features can be turn on and off in real-time via configuration update locally and remotely.
We architected DessertPay with innovation in our mind to guarantee our customers satisfaction
and hunger for the latest technology. Want something we haven’t implemented yet? Just ask –
and we will deliver a unique product tailored to your ultimate demand!
DessertPay powered by Cedar Silicon Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution – Mobilty.
Mobilty is designed to offer an unsurpassed experience in estate management and real-time
hardware monitoring and configuration management. EMV and PCI push us to maintain software
and hardware secure from ever growing threats. Mobilty TMS enables security compliance via
real-time software and configuration updates, monitoring, geo-location and geo-fencing and
much more.